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Why is my ooze pen blinking green when I hit it?

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Why is my vape blinking?! | Electric TobacconistIt indicates a full or near-full battery. If this is not the case and your Juul is flashing green in quick succession, refer to the "My Juul Won't Hit" section above, 

why is my vape blinking - UsonicigSome batteries vape pen will blink 3 times to indicate a short circuit. so if you press the trigger button, it will blink only three times, and then do nothing, on the device shows either a green, yellow or red-light indicating battery with green Troubleshooting a Ooze Twist Pen : oilpen - RedditSep 27, 2018 — When i try to hit my Ooze Twist it starts blinking so i put it on the charger and it just stays green on the charger. can anyone help?

Why is my Vape Pen Blinking? - VaporessoSep 25, 2020 — Do you know the reasons when your vape pen is blinking? the indicator light blinking green it indicates that the vape pen switches to high If you find your vape pen won't hit, the reasons and suggestions are as follows:

E-Cig Battery Problems - Electronic Cigarette CoNov 4, 2020 — Battery is dead and doesn't light up. Most standard electronic cigarette batteries are turned on and off with a 5 click function (5 rapid clicks Why is my Select Elite (disposable) wax pen blinking, insteadWhy is my Select Elite (disposable) wax pen blinking, instead of glowing when I take a hit, and nothing comes out when I try to use it? 9 Answers. Chris Havok 

Why Is My Vape Pen Blinking 10 Times? | Vapebox®Feb 27, 2020 — The easy solution to this problem is simply recharging your battery. Reason #2: Over-Extended Hits. Some devices will blink ten times if you took Why is My Vape Pen Blinking With Cartridge in? | VaporFiApr 16, 2019 — Why Does My Vape Pen Keeps Blinking Even When the Cartridge is In? It is possible that the activation button (the button you press to activate the as the LED light changes from green to red as the battery discharges

Ooze pen being weird | Vaping Underground Forums - AnJan 17, 2019 — My ooze pen will only light up when I plug it in to charge it lights up white red and green and then when it's charging if I press the button 8 times it. was for about 20 mins just blinking red but it's not dead cause I've charged it News– Tagged "troubleshooting"– OozeOct 1, 2019 — Is your Ooze pen flashing green and you can't get a hit? There are a few tricks you can try to get it back in working order before contacting our 

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