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How can I check my lungs at home without equipment?

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App lets you monitor lung health using only a smartphoneSep 18, 2012 — SpiroSmart is a research app to let people test their lung function using only a smartphone. lets people monitor their lung function at home or on the go simply by to use, and patients have to have the equipment with them to take a test. Accessibility · Contact Us · Jobs · Campus Safety · My UW · Rules 

Health: Seven simple tests that can save your life - Mirror OnlineJun 12, 2012 — Consult our essential DIY tests to check out how you measure up for these other health checks can you do at home without any special equipment? If your lung capacity is normal you should be able to pass the match testHow to Test Your Lung Capacity at Home | Precision MedicalHere's the Home Solution. How do you measure your lung capacity? A common method is using a Peak Flow Meter, a handheld device that measures the strength 

To test lung function, blow into any phone - FuturityMay 5, 2016 — "We wanted to be able to measure lung function on any type of phone sends the data to a central server, which uses machine learning algorithms to their condition at home without having to constantly visit a medical clinic, 

Home Lung Function Test | PeaceHealthIf you change your peak flow meter, you need to redetermine your personal best measurement using the new machine. Wash your meter according to the See how healthy your lungs are -- just blow into your phoneSep 19, 2012 — Researchers in Seattle develop a new tool to monitor lung health that SpiroSmart is a research app that enables users to test lung function without any additional hardware beyond a smartphone. into how to make the lung testing procedure part of a simple but fun game on Do Not Sell My Information

How To Test Your Lung Function at Home - WebMDAug 28, 2020 — An office breathing test typically means you blow into a machine that measures how much air your lungs can take in and how quickly and What's an easy, do-it-yourself test to measure your lung healthThe test? Briskly run up two flights of stairs or walk six blocks. That's it. If you can do either of those without pausing to rest, your lungs are probably in pretty good 

Are Your Lungs Working Properly? Learn How to Find OutJul 15, 2016 — Dr. Ian demonstrates a lung test, explaining what doctor look for when performing this standard test.For more follow the hashtag Take the BLF Breath Test | British Lung FoundationOverview · What is indoor air pollution? What are the effects? What are the causes? Allergies in your home · How can I improve the air quality in my home?

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