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Can you cough up a lung?

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Woman coughed out a lung, new case study says - NBC NewsJan 5, 2012 — No, you can't really "cough up a lung." But according to a new case report in the latest New England Journal of Medicine, it's possible to get 

Coughing up blood (blood in phlegm) - NHSFind out what you should do if you cough up blood and what the cause might be. your lungs and is often the result of prolonged coughing or a chest infectionPlastic Bronchitis - Causes and Symptoms - Penn MedicineYou might cough them up as your lungs try to clear the airways. Cast of plastic bronchitis. Plastic bronchitis can be extremely debilitating and in some rare cases 

Man Coughs Up a Giant Blood Clot in the Shape of His LungDec 7, 2018 — "It's a curiosity you can't imagine — I mean, this is very, very, very rare." It's less rare for patients to cough up bronchial "casts" made of other 

California Man Literally Coughed Up His Lung Before He DiedA whole human lung is simply too large to fit in your throat. You can, however, have such a violent coughing spell that your lung pops through your ribs, and you Man Coughs Up Blood Clot In Perfect Image of Lung - WebMDDec 11, 2018 — The stories are accompanied by case details only a doctor could love. Then he coughed up this perfect replica of the airways in his lung. He had no other episodes like this dramatic one, but unfortunately, he died of heart 

Bronchitis symptoms & treatments - Illnesses & conditionsBronchitis is an infection of the main airways of the lungs, causing them to The main symptom is a cough, which may bring up yellow-grey mucus (phlegm). You only need to see your GP if your symptoms are severe or unusual – for Bronchiectasis symptoms & treatments - Illnesses & conditionsa persistent cough that usually brings up phlegm (sputum); breathlessness The symptoms tend to get worse if you develop an infection in your lungs

Coughing Up Blood - Lung and Airway Disorders - MSDIf people have only blood-streaked sputum (which is usually caused by an upper respiratory infection), a doctor's evaluation is not as urgent. People can call a Learn About Cough | American Lung AssociationJul 29, 2020 — Coughing can propel air and particles out of your lungs and throat at You should see a doctor if your cough brings up yellowish-green 

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